Why Ankle Boots Are Actually the Perfect Going-Out Shoes


Lots of women reach for high heels when they’re dressing for an evening out. But today, we’re challenging this favored style by showing you how ankle boots—which can help create height—are a tad more comfortable and work just as well for a going-out ensemble. Intrigued? We’re sharing seven incredibly stylish looks you can easily replicate next time you’re wearing your favorite dress.

From a casual midi-length option and a playful party dress to laid-back options you can dress up with the right boots and simple LBDs, here are dress-and–ankle boot combinations to try this upcoming season. This can be a tricky trend to nail, so make sure to keep reading to see how you can wear your favorite ankle boots with dresses, and let us know how you pull off the combination using the hashtag #WhoWhatWearing.

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