What Shoes to Wear With Tights: A Visual Guide


Cold weather calls for tights. Though some people are fine braving winter weather with bare legs, most of us prefer to cover up with an extra layer to save our skin from the blistering cold. After all, tights can add a lot to your ensemble and even help make the outfit. Use the excuse to protect your gams as an opportunity to upgrade your outfit. The only challenge that comes with wearing tights—those dreaded runs aside—is determining which shoes are best to pair with them.

While there do exist some strict Vogue-enforced fashion faux pas when it comes to pairing shoes with tights, oftentimes the lines between good and bad are a bit more blurred. To help streamline your looks this season, we’ve rounded up five shoes-and-tights pairings we love seeing and provided examples of our favorite fashion girls demonstrating the looks. See the best shoes and tights combos below, as well as our top picks to shop in each category.

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