What Are Your Favorite and Least Favorite Fashion Trends in 2019?


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We thought it’d be a fun discussion today to talk about your (and our) favorite and least favorite fashion trends. Which trends do you like, and which do you hate? Which past trends do you miss, and which ones have you bid good riddance? In the past, we’ve discussed style vs. trend vs. frump, trends you won’t wear to work (2016 edition), trends and the conservative office (2015 edition), and trends you’re totally sick of (2013 edition).

If you haven’t been paying much attention to trends recently and/or haven’t done much shopping of late, here are some roundups of 2019 trends: Stitch Fix, Harper’s Bazaar, Refinery29, The Guardian. 

Here’s the format you can copy for commenting below: 

Current trends I like: 
Current trends I don’t like: 
Trends I wish would come back: 
Trends I hope will never come back:

First, here are some thoughts on current and past trends from the Corporette team:


Current trends I like: Flats with skirts. Trumpet skirts. Puff sleeves and blazers (but then, I don’t like my shoulders, so a baby puff is very flattering). Everything washable.

Current trends I don’t like: Bodysuits! ’90s sandals! Floral babydoll dresses! Baby tees. I still also find midi skirts very difficult to wear. Cold shoulder. Ruffles. Serial killer glasses.

Trends I wish would come back: Not quite a shopping trend, but in general it feels like we never get dressed up for anything anymore — restaurants, theater, everything is so casual and laidback. I kind of miss getting dressed up for stuff!

Trends I hope will never come back:
Numerous butterfly clips on your hair. Everything in this YouTube video making fun of ’90s makeup.


Current trends I like: Moto jackets (they’re back, right?), tiny polka dots, jean skirts, tie-dye (well, to a degree), microblading (wish I could get this done by Piret Aava!)

Current trends I don’t like: Ruffles, cold-shoulder tops (are these gone yet?!), animal prints, spaghetti straps (only because I can’t go without a real bra), puff sleeves (sorry, Anne!), huge glasses frames, fake freckles (they look so unnatural 90% of the time!)

Trends I wish would come back:
Flared/bootcut jeans, although I feel like they’re slowly coming back (?) 

Trends I hope will never come back: Stonewash jeans, overalls, peplum, dresses over pants, extreme-low-rise jeans, uniform shirts worn ironically, chunky highlights


Current trends I like: Ripped denim, block heels, three-quarter sleeves, white sneakers (NOT the ones with the thick soles), dresses with sleeves, delicate gold jewelry, one-piece swimsuits, mom jeans, headbands, big eyebrows, backpacks

Current trends I don’t like: Crop tops, puffy shoulders, scrunchies, track suits (see, Hailey Bieber), tiny sunglasses, really high-cut swimsuit bottoms, cropped jackets, long pointy nails, midi skirts and tea length

Trends I wish would come back: Statement belts, jeans tucked into high boots, shrugs, polo shirts, denim skirts (are they back?), plaid and Buffalo checks, shearling

Trends I hope never come back: Overplucked eyebrows, dark brown lipstick, scrunch socks, feathered bangs, body glitter, fedoras, low-cut jeans, trucker hats (basically all early ’00s fashion)


Current trends I like: High-waisted pants

Current trends I don’t like: Midi skirts, bike shorts, cold shoulders

Trends I wish would come back: Doc Martens

Trends I hope never come back: Flannel

Your turn, readers: What are your favorite and least favorite fashion trends of 2019?

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