Trust Us—You’ll Crave These Pumpkin Beauty Products More Than a PSL this Fall


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say pumpkin is pretty damn magical. Quick story: My personal obsession with the Mexican-born squash—yes, really—started back in pre-K when I fell in love with a certain princess who traveled, um, very chicly, inside of one. And while her final destination may have been an enchanting ball complete with trimmings of Prince Charming and glass slippers, my current obsession with pumpkin revolves around an entirely different final destination: the pursuit of perfect skin and hair.

I once loved pumpkin for its fairytale flare, I still love it whipped into a latte or inside a golden flaky pie crust, but in 2019, I love pumpkin the most if it’s sitting on top of my face, limbs, or dehydrated strands. Pumpkin is a nutrient powerhouse (antioxidants! fruit enzymes! brightening AHAs!), so it’s really no surprise that the beauty industry has caught on with fervor—especially this time of year when our souls crave coziness, and our skin craves stability and rehab. (The transition from summer to fall and winter is no joke.) 

Regardless of the season, pumpkin is a superstar beauty ingredient, but we’d be daft to say we don’t love it all the more paired with cooler temperatures, scarlet leaves, and that good old fall spirit. After all, cuffing season is coming, and these 19 A+ pumpkin beauty products are ones you’ll definitely want to keep at home with you. (Trust us, your skin and strands will thank you!) Keep scrolling.

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