Tokyo Stylez’s Wig Tips for Festival Season


Welcome to Lace Frontier, a monthly column in which we dive into the dynamic, ever-changing world of wigs, its relevance in our culture, and, of course, tips on how to get all your pieces looking right. This time around, hairstylist Tokyo Stylez schools us on festival wig tips in time for Coachella, including how to wear them in the heat, what to pack in your fanny pack, and the hottest trends.

Even if you don’t know Tokyo Stylez by name, you know his work. He’s the reason celebrities, including Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, and Nicki Minaj always have such good wigs. Cardi’s piecey pixie at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards? That was Stylez. Kylie’s red hair in her Valentine’s Day collection campaign? Yep, all Stylez. And if you’re one of his more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram, you know he’s become a star in his own right. He even has his own line of trendy wigs and extensions for sale on his website.


Because Stylez is pretty much a wig expert, we had to ask him about the upcoming festival season, including dealing with the heat and even how to avoid, um, peeing on your hair in a tiny Coachella bathroom. It’s amazing he even had time for us considering he has his own TV show in the works, another show with a yet-to-be-released celebrity, and an upcoming Touched by Tokyo wig boutique opening in Los Angeles. Before you book your ticket and head to the desert, read his top festival tips for wigs, below.

1. Choose a laid-back style

While there really aren’t specific wigs that go out of style, Stylez says he’s loving that folks are gravitating towards more natural looks this year. “I’m seeing more textured looks,” he says. “I see a lot of girls just rocking either their naturally curly hair, or they get curly [or wavy] extensions. It’s more just effortless, ‘get-up-and-go’-type hair.” He explains that it goes with the laid-back vibe of the summer when you really just want to get out and enjoy the sun — not be in your bathroom for hours getting ready. Stylez himself has been wearing wavy wigs a lot lately, too.

2. Fill your fanny pack with essentials

There’s nothing worse than getting out into the desert, miles from your Airbnb, and dealing with a wig malfunction. Plan ahead of time and fill your fanny pack with a few key essentials. “If you’re going to Coachella and you’re wearing a wig, depending on if it’s glued on or not, you might want to keep your glue in your fanny pack, ’cause it gets really hot at Coachella,” explains Stylez of the 90-plus degree heat that can cause your glue to fail. “Then, you also might want to keep your brush or a comb because it’s very dusty out there, so there’s like a lot of dust and stuff that blows around.”

He also loves a bandana moment to keep your hair secure and out of the desert elements. We’ve seen some cute, affordable options on Amazon, so you can stock up and throw one in your bag.

3. Keep a long wig out of your face

Stylez lives for a long wig, but he has one rule for wearing one: It has to stay out of his face and not be a distraction. “I always wear my hair pushed behind my shoulders, and that allows me to still have fun,” he says. “And because the hair is so long, it’s going to stay back there. Keeping it behind your shoulders alleviates a lot of hair getting in your face when you’re trying to eat, have fun, and drink.”

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