Tips To Prevent Chronic Back Pain


Tips To Prevent Chronic Back Pain

Tips To Prevent Chronic Back Pain : Majority of people miss work or visit a doctor due to back pain. It is a leading cause of disability across the world. Most adults have back pain at least once. However, if you take measures to prevent back pain, it will make a huge difference to your health and body. The symptoms of back pain include muscle ache, stabbing pain, pain which worsens with lifting, bending, walking and standing.

When should you see a doctor?

Back pain improves with self-care within a few weeks only. Seek immediate care if the back pain causes bladder problems, is accompanied by fever and follows a blow to the back or another injury. However, if it does not improve but increases over time, you need to visit a pain management doctor who will enquire about your history and might ask you to take a few tests so as to identify the problem. You should not take the pain lightly if it is severe and does not improve with rest, if it spreads down to one or both your legs and if it causes numbness or weakness. See a doctor if you are having back pain for the first time after the age of 50 or if you have a history of osteoporosis or cancer.

Ways to prevent back pain

You can completely avoid back pain by simply improving your physical condition and following proper body mechanisms. In order to keep your back healthy, you need to follow the below-mentioned tips.


Aerobic activities can build strength as well as endurance in the back. It will allow the muscles to function efficiently. Do not engage in an exercise which strains or jolt your back. Swimming and walking are good exercises. However, if you are above 40, it is advisable to speak to the doctor about the activities you should try.

Build strength:

Back and abdominal exercises can strengthen the core and help the muscles to work together like a natural corset for your back. It will give you flexibility in the upper legs and hips which will improve the way your back feels. A doctor can tell you which exercises you should engage in.

Maintain the right weight:

If you are overweight, you can strain the back muscles. You need to trim down in order to avoid back pain.

Quit smoking:

Smoking can cause a number of health problems. You need to talk to the doctor about ways to quit.

Stand smart:

Do not slouch and maintain a natural pelvic position. Those who have to stand for long hours, need to place one foot on a low footstool so as to take the load off the lower back. Good posture will reduce stress on the muscles.

Sit right:

Always opt for a seat that gives excellent lower back support. You need to place a pillow in the small of the back in order to maintain its normal curve. Always keep your hips and knees level and change the position every 30 minutes.


Keep these tips in mind to maintain the right posture at all times and to avoid the chances of chronic back pain.





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