This trick will tell you if you’ll look good with short hair

“It’s all about the angles,” says Giles Robinson, senior stylist at John Frieda Salons UK, told Cosmopolitan. And specifically, the angle of your jaw bone. All you need is a (hanging or standing) mirror, a pencil, a ruler, and 30 seconds to suss out whether short hair is right for you.

Here are the basics, according to PureWow. First, position yourself in front of a mirror so that you can see your face’s side profile. Next, angle your pencil horizontally under your chin. Position the point of the pencil away from your chin for a more exact measurement. Now, place your ruler vertically under your ear, starting at your ear lobe. The pencil and the ruler should intersect at a right angle. 

What’s the distance from the bottom of your earlobe to the tip of your pencil? Is it less than 2.25 inches? Permission, granted. Chop off your locks. Is it more? In that case, longer hair may be right for you. Of course, we won’t blame you if you decide to cut your hair anyway. If you do, just be prepared for extra maintenance. According to Byrdie, short hair should be trimmed at least every four to six weeks to maintain the style. 

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