This Is Officially The Coolest Place To Be This Summer!


Clear your calendars! The hottest — actually coolest — summer party is about to hit the Atlantic and if mind-blowing fun is what you’re after, you’d better gather squad!

It’s called Republic of Extra Cold

Castle Lite’s Republic of Extra Cold is back with a bang and it’s promising to be a party like no other. Taking place somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean on 28 December, this is event is pulling out all the stops — including building a floating ice stage — to take your summer vibing to the next level.

“We are thrilled to finally let the secret out that Castle Lite is building the Republic of Extra Cold in the Atlantic Ocean. The brand has worked tirelessly over the last few months to make sure that we live up to our brand purpose of unlocking your best life right now. What better way than our very own eco-friendly floating ice stage in the middle of the Atlantic? We aim to surprise our consumers by making the impossible possible. The previous Republic of Extra Cold was on our owned island, so we really had to push boundaries to up our game for this one. What could be more extraordinary than that and here we are we in the middle of the Atlantic,” said Brand Director, Silke Bucker.

While the venue may still be a secret, the ambassadors tied to the brand is not. And while they’re all super cool party people, they’re also tasked with making the event ah-ma-zing…

Meet the party people

Every Republic needs a president and award-winning and internationally-revered South African actress and TV presenter, Pearl Thusi serves as Republic of Extra Cold President for a second term. Pearl will lead the charge and make sure the party really is the coolest.

Castle have appointed a Cabinet of Ministers to work alongside Thusi to bring you the most epic vibe…

Renowned comedian, Donovan Goliath, aka Minister of Vibes, will bring you that extra cold refreshments while his humour keeps a smile on your dial. Alongside Donovan, is the Minister of Beats — radio superstar, Ayanda MVP — who is tasked with keeping you moving to the latest beats. Ayanda will, together with the president, assemble an incredible line-up of performers who will headline at the Republic of Extra Cold — you won’t want to miss it. Look out for the official announcement.

Show off that summer body

Been grinding away at the gym? This is the perfect opportunity to rub shoulders with fit and chiselled personal trainer, Junior Khoza, who’s has been appointed as the Minister of Summer Bods. Junior Khoza is determined to have you look and feel your best on the day, and to keep you on top of your gram-game.

Finally, to help citizens make sure that their style is always dripping extra cold swag, is rapper, TV presenter and style star, Boity Thulo — as the Minister of Drip. Boity is armed with a slew of style tips and tricks to make sure that citizens are looking their best for the ultimate Republic of Extra Cold killer summer event.

Follow Castle Lite on Twitter, or visit their website for details on the venue and event.

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