This Czech Meadow Wedding Shows Why You Should Support Local Vendors

Our Love Story

Tinder love 🙂 We were both lucky to be the first person to meet each other via this app. Once we met we knew this story would not end. We remember every detail of the meeting and talk about it time to time and we laugh since that day together.

Our proposal was our second year of being together. We did mountain ride on the Alpen Strasse in Austria heading to the Grossglockner. I was already pregnant with our son (3 months) and I had no idea about his plans. As we prepared for our child we knew we wanted to be together but we did not talk about a wedding. For me, it was not that important and of course, it is the man who ‘must ask’, right?

But my husband is a romantic soul and he planned and saved for the ring for almost one year (!) We went to take a picture and while smiling for the camera (it was actually filming!) I felt his heart beating soo hard! So I asked him what was going on. He turned to me with tears in his eyes and voice shaking and went on his knee. Of course, I said “Yes!”

A few weeks after the proposal I got another surprise – our Austrian trip and proposal in a short film. I love this person so much!

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