These Are the 25 Best Beauty Products I Tried in 2019, Hands Down


As an editor and beauty devotee, I’m regularly testing the latest product releases. Everything from new skincare and makeup to fragrance and buzzy tools make their way onto my radar and end up on my bathroom counter, at which point I put them to rigorous testing. Does the new cult moisturizer actually live up to the hype? Are the latest fragrances something I actually want to wear every day? With a background in beauty working at Allure before Who What Wear, I was exposed to the very best in beauty and was trained to have a discerning eye to determine what actually works. So, of all of the beauty products I experimented with in 2019, which ones were my personal favorites?

Ahead, I’m highlighting the very best of the best in beauty, according to me. I’ve narrowed down my top picks in every category, sharing why each item works and why it has earned a permanent place in my beauty regimen. From the gentle retinol serum I swear by for perfect skin to the foundation I use for a glowing complexion to the sunless tanner I won’t travel without, and more, these are the 25 best beauty products I tried in 2019—and will continue using long into 2020.

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