These 2020 Outfit Trends Are Such a Delight and Will Make You Look Chicer


If you’re looking for a fresh batch of fashion-forward outfits to test out this year, you’ve landed in the right spot. That’s right—after recently peeping my Saved collection of photos on Instagram, I realized that many of my favorite images all featured especially stylish outfits. Yep, the outfit trends in question all basically share similar qualities: they’re easy to re-create, cool, and modern. In fact, I fully believe that adopting one of the fits coming your way could make you look even chicer than you already are.

So without further ado, keep scrolling to check out the 2020 outfit trends that are such a delight in my eyes. And while many of the ensembles below could be assembled using pieces already in your wardrobe, I also shopped out the key pieces in each look just in case.

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