The Ultimate Christmas 101 Decorating Guide


If you’re starting from ground zero, decorating for the holidays is an almost daunting task. Do you need garland? How many wreaths are too many? How many is just enough? What all actually goes on a Christmas tree? Do you need nutcrackers?

While the answer is completely subjective and up to your tastes, like anything home decor related there are best practices to help guide you in your preference discoveries.

So without further ado, you’re ultimate Christmas 101 Decorating Guide:

The Core

At the core, there are four locations that scream for a little holiday attention more than any other place in the home. These can be improvised, ultra-creative and sometimes downright unconventional, but starting by looking at these core locations sets the tone for the rest of your home

The Christmas Tree

The star of all holiday decor, the Christmas Tree is where most memories are made and therefore deserves to be the baseline of your attention and planning. You can go real or faux, eclectic or completely coordinated — but whatever you decide, here are the elements to consider

The tree itself: take your space and budget into account first, then look at aesthetic. You can get a tree that looks like it’s been dusted with snow (“flocked” being the primary term there!) You can get gorgeous accorns attached, you can get even get skinny trees!

Lights: Typically the biggest decision here is to go for multi-colored or white lights, but also take into account if you want to go on a limb and go for the ultra retro-glam large-bulb strands. Those bad boys can take your tree to the next level.

Beaded Garland: Another layer of tree decor to layer through the branches is a good strand of beaded garland. These weave in and out of trendiness, but they are a true classic. Whether you go for metallic, wooden or felt stands, they do wonders for elevating you tree game.

Bows and Ribbon: Arguably our favorite part of all tree decor, this combination is elegant to the MAX. Whether you opt for ribbon that cascades down from the top of your tree or loops in and out of branches along with your beads, you cant go wrong with adding this little elegant detail.

Ball Ornaments: These ornaments are the baseline of all your other ornament decor. Opt for a coordinating color scheme that works well with your other tree elements and you’r tree will feel perfectly filled out in no time. Sentimental Ornaments: These are typically collected over time and include a variety of knick-knacks, hand-made elements or collectables you simply just *liked.* Don’t over think this part! If you like it, it’s the right decision to get it and display it proudly.

Tree Skirt or Collar: Often overlooked but sadly noticed when it’s gone, the tree skirt is the baseline that grounds the entire tree. Without it, your tree looks naked and that’s just sad. We love a good knited tree skirt with pom-pom detailing or even going out on a limb to opt for a tree collar!

The Topper: Much like a tree skirt, the topper is a high-impact element of the whole ensemble. Choose your topper with care! You have many, many options. Some go for an angel, some go for a traditional start, others make a neatly tied bow the center of attention and we’ve even seen a bird or two perched at the top regally tying everything together.

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