The Type of Sweater That’s Least Likely to Pill


Sweater pilling: We all know it, we all hate it, and we’ve all heard various means of fixing it once it’s already occurred. In fact, we even shared an easy, 30-second way to de-pill your sweaters, which got us thinking: What about prevention? What kinds of sweaters don’t pill? Or do they all?

Naturally, in search of answers, we turned to our favorite place: the internet. What we found—in this Wall Street Journal investigation of sorts, as well as almost every online fashion forum under the sun—was that while the majority of sweaters will pill (no matter the quality or price), the least likely material to do so is merino wool. This is because merino wool “tends to be strong and when used in a tightly wound sweater would be less likely to pill,” according to WSJ. The good news here is that merino wool sweaters are not only easy to find but also available in a range of styles and price points.

Scroll through to shop our favorite less-pill-prone merino wool sweaters below! 

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