The truth about dimples

Those without the genetic disposition for dimples of Venus have actually been able to go under the knife and have them added. Harper’s Bazaar theorized that these back indentations — and the effort some have taken to get them — have become more and more popular in recent years because, thanks to social media, we now know which celebrities — ahem, Kendall Jenner — have back dimples.

In 2017, plastic surgeon Amanda Wong-Powell, the founder and medical director of W1 Wellness Clinic in London, England, came up with her very own procedure known as “the V-Spot” treatment. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she revealed, “Throughout the decades, it has been known that ‘Venus dimples’ are sexy. Enhancing that spot and sculpting it further enhances this. It is a symbol of wellness, youthfulness and sexiness.”

The plastic surgeon’s technique first involves liposuction. After removing fat from two spots on the lower back — where the bilateral dimples would naturally occur — the area is then sculpted to realistically mimic dimples of Venus. However, these faux dimples don’t come cheap. In early 2017, the procedure began retailing at £4,900 (about $6,400). Yikes.

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