The surprising effect Facetune might be having on your health

“It’s crazy that this one app can change how somebody thinks and feels about themselves,” says Zaza9000, creator of the subreddit r/instagramreality (via Forbes). “We have influencers and celebrities that are making their waists smaller and [their] a**es bigger and people are paying attention to that. Then the follower feels like they have to do that in order to get people to love them and pay attention to them while they are chasing the like and follower button.” Adds Peace Amadi, Psy.D., “It seems harmless at first, but a slight edit here and a slight edit there can spiral into obsessive-compulsive tendencies around body image” (via Women’s Health).

If you do find yourself obsessing over how you compare to a barrage of Facetuned selfies, experts advise taking control of what you can for peace of mind. “Unfollow people that trigger unhelpful thoughts or feelings,” says Alyssa Lia Mancao, a Los Angeles-based therapist. “It’s okay to mute the accounts that don’t make you feel good about yourself and start following accounts that make you feel better.”

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