The Phenomenal And Unique Styling Of Philip Carr


Philip Carr is one of the wedding industry’s most renowned and incredible stylists. His styling always creates the most majestic events, with elements of luxury and tones of glamour being added to each occasion. We chatted to our dear friend to find out all about one of his favourite ways to style – thinking outside the box!

The Artist Himself…

Philip Carr is one of Australia’s leading event architects. His work showcases extraordinary style and luxurious elements, turning every client’s fantasy into the most incredible reality. Today, Philip has been creating mind-blowing events for over 30 years and continues to work with some of the most prestigious venues and vendors in the world. Philip’s styling philosophy is based around giving couples an unforgettable event, one which is personalised and meaningful.

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Make It Special…

When chatting to Philip about his style, the word ‘unique’ was at the forefront of the discussion. Philip focusses on creating events that are one of a kind! “Unique means whatever is unique for the couple to personalise their event and represent themselves and the uniqueness of their relationship,” he tells us. “It may be something that only they know about – whether it’s a colour, a dish on the menu, or a specific flower. One bride had all mixed chairs at their event as that is what was in her parent’s dining room where she grew up. Her mother had a particular style, and as her mom was no longer with her, it would be a special connection at the wedding, even though it wasn’t mentioned in speeches. The important thing is to be strong with a few ideas”

The Highlights…

Of course, we had to ask Philip about some of his favourite styling experiences! “One of my favourite weddings to style was one with 10 groups of seating for 30-35, where people could mingle at tables, sofas etc, within their area. It created a lot of movement and energy in the room. The interesting thing was it questioned everything that guests really want to experience when they go to a wedding.” he tells us.

What The Couple Want…

When asked what couples are wanting for 2020 weddings, Philip tells us “Often bridal couples say they want to be different, but it is always to different degrees. My clients choose me for the uniqueness and personalisation that we create. When you look at our weddings, they are all different. We are not good at creating sameness. I always say to my couples ‘don’t show your guests everything you thought of’.”

The MW Crew…

Modern Wedding had the privilege of working with Philip for our latest industry event. It was here where Philip once again showcased his truly unique style. Decor focussed on green and pink tones, with traditional florals being replaced with brussel sprouts, cabbages and leeks. Wanting to add in an element of fabulous fun, Philip completed the look with a tablecloth and chairs covered in one of our favourite elements of decor…leopard print!

From Philip…

“When it came to the Modern Wedding event, I wanted to question why bridal couples always seem to start with the thought of flowers, plain tablecloths, certain style chairs etc. What would happen if a wedding was in leopard print, used vegetables and non-conforming elements? I always say – don’t think outside the box, think as if there is no box at all!” he tells us.

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