The Perfect Winter Work Wardrobe Requires Only These 7 Items


As we’ve been serving you, our lovely reader, ample amounts of spring 2020 content so that your wardrobe never skips a beat, I started to get a little depressed. Why? Because as a New Yorker, I know that winter has really only just begun and I have already run out of outfit ideas that will both keep me warm and make me look good. If you can relate, then you’re in for a treat. Since getting dressed for work every day has proven to be a bit of a personal challenge for me as of late, I decided to scan the street style set for looks that incorporate all of the winter basics I already have sitting in my closet. 

No matter what kind of dress code your office requires, there is sure to be at least one look out of the seven below that will resonate for you. Chances are your closet is already full of things you love wearing to the office, but without the seven winter work wardrobe basics we’ve identified for you ahead, those looks won’t stand a chance in the low temperatures that are here to stay for the next few months. From basic layering turtlenecks to knee-high boots, go ahead to shop the perfect winter work wardrobe via these seven essentials.

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