The New Way Everyone’s Wearing Summer’s Favorite Jewelry Trend


Summer is undeniably shaping up to look and feel a lot different this year. However, just because we are all spending our time indoors doesn’t mean the fashion connoisseurs of the world aren’t still trying to drip. One of the most popular jewelry trends that bubble all throughout summer is anklets. Usually, they are worn to add that extra edge to a swimsuit look or simple sandal situation, but now that inside clothes are the new norm, socks are replacing shoes and anklets are being styled on top of them.

It might seem a tad frivolous at first to put an anklet over a sock, but when you’re sitting on your couch in the same gray sweatpants for the third day in a row wishing you could somehow try harder without actually trying, you’ll remember this story, put on your anklet, and experience a temporary feeling of happiness you didn’t even know you needed.

So far, we’ve been eyeing the trend in three main categories: Nike socks with chain anklets, bright-colored socks with beaded anklets, and sheer socks with pearl anklets. Either one or all of these duos is bound to strike a chord with you and once you see how inexpensive this new summer styling tip is, you’ll probably end up stocking up on all three variations.

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