The Most Stylish Men In Hollywood


Often, women’s fashion grabs all the attention and the men in Hollywood can often be overlooked in terms of their style. With this in mind, we delved into their wardrobes of some of our favourite Hollywood stars. It’s clear to see that a number of men have put a whole lot of time and effort into dressing up and rightly deserve our plaudits. Actors and popstars in particular have huge shoes to fill when it comes to fashion, particularly as they often don the red carpet.

Admittedly, any Hollywood star can easily hire a stylist to help doll them up, or pick out a fancy suit, though when it comes to dressing casually, it can prove very hard to still look suave. It’s fair to say that being able to pull off a casual look definitely requires fashion sense, whether it’s looping your belt, perching your glasses or wearing a bag on just one shoulder. It turns out that Eddie Redmayne is one man who can sport this look to perfection, he can stroll the red carpet looking as though he’s off grocery shopping but somehow still looks effortlessly suave.

Whilst Idris Elba isn’t too often seen pulling off the casual look, he can definitely pull off any suit. The actor is now the ideal alpha-male movie star, he definitely relishes any opportunity to dress up and manages to blow everyone else out of the water when it comes to a black tie dress code. Sporting Giorgio Armani suits, Idris in a suit is enough to make any female admirer swoon, with the three-piece helping him to ooze masculinity. It’s no surprise the 44-year-old is tipped to be the next James Bond, and with the huge rise of poker we can picture him in the casino, showing his best poker face whilst sipping a martini, shaken, not stirred of course.

Another actor who is flawlessly stylish is Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds doesn’t go for the typical black tie suit but instead cool plaid blue suits. The subtle details are often key to the Canadian’s style, he seems to always mange to put a little twist on classic looks, keeping them cool yet interesting. Often seen in Burberry, the Amityville Horror star can pull off paisley prints, floral details and even something as peculiar as coffee beans with little to no effort.

Tom Hardy has it all, but still, he remains to be the least vain actor in Hollywood. The Dark Knight Rises actor often takes roles that scupper his handsomeness, however, away from costume, he retains his awesomeness. Rocking a three-piece Gucci suit comes natural to the London-born star. Also famed for being handsome, not to mention smart and funny is George Clooney.

We simply cannot list the most stylish men in Hollywood and not mention the legend. Giorgio Armani is sure to agree, the designer claimed that Clooney makes a suit look “simply fantastic”, rather than the other way around. And another Hollywood legend able to do the same is Will Smith. The father of three has sure come a long way since his Fresh Prince days of baggy jeans and t-shirts, often mismatched. He is now well known for his stylish suits just as much as he is for his frighteningly talented acting skills.

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