The Foolproof Way To Put On Stick Foundation Perfectly

Another potential concern with stick foundation is the buildup of bacteria in the product since you use the makeup itself as the applicator, directly on your skin. While this can be a legitimate worry for those with sensitive skin, using the makeup only on freshly clean skin and tossing it in the trash by its expiration date should help prevent any issue. If, however, you notice you’re breaking out more using a stick foundation, you can use a brush to apply it rather than touching the stick directly to your face (via

Choosing the right stick foundation for you will also help to ensure you’re getting the type of coverage you need. StyleCaster lists its favorite sticks and their individual benefits. For instance, it says Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick really does look like natural skin once its blended out and won’t leave you looking like you’re wearing a heavy coat of theater makeup. Tom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation also lives up to its name and provides a seamless finish that is hydrating and buildable, so you can get sheer to full coverage from one product. Last, the publication says drugstore brand Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation Stick is good for light coverage that is also “shine free” and helps to soak up any extra oil.

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