The difference between a bun and a chignon explained

Buns, on the other hand, don’t have a specific place of residence. They can be anywhere on top of your head, and PopSugar says you can do buns in different ways —  a classic Princess Leia style (looped around the ears), messy (like Meghan Markle), or even the trendy bun lift, where the hair is pulled so tightly on top of the head that The Sun referred to as an instant face lift. Celebrities spotted with a bun lift include Celine Dion and Jennifer Lopez. 

PopSugar says one more thing to remember about buns is that it is created by wrapping hair around itself, either braided or twisted around a center. Chignons, on other hand, sees the hair tucked under, or used with an accessory like a tiara, which is mostly how Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge has her hair done for state dinners when tiaras are called for.

One thing’s for sure: Whether it’s a bun or a chignon, both updos are hair hacks you want in your repertoire for an effortlessly easy style.

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