The 8 Trends That Earned Me the Most Compliments in 2019


I basically spot trends for a living, and believe me when I say it’s both a blessing and a curse. Since I’m constantly reporting on the latest trends I’m seeing, I’m acutely aware of the holes in my own closet and 10 times more likely to jump at the opportunity to test-drive a new look. As we round out the year, I got to thinking about all the various trends I tried, and among them, there is a handful that consistently earns the most interest from friends, strangers, and Instagram followers alike.

Below, you’ll find the 2019 fashion trends that have consistently earned me loads of compliments and a flurry of “where did you get that?” inquiries each time I wear them or post about them to my social media. The fashion world has crowned these as veritable trends, but I can attest that they are crowd-pleasers IRL, too. From the animal prints that garner the most attention to the classic boots that are having a moment, see how I’m wearing each one and, if you’re so inspired, add them to your cart, too.

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