The 37 Most Expensive-Looking Accessories We Spotted On Sale at Nordstrom


I’m going to start this sale roundup with a confession: I’m probably one of the worst people to shop with IRL. I grew up in a family of non-shoppers and would literally have to beg my mom to take me to the mall on the weekends. It wasn’t the nearly hour-long car drive, the massive crowds, or even the moment of anguish that comes with forgetting where we parked that made these trips to the mall few and far in between. Instead, I drove my shopping companions mad by usually returning home completely empty-handed. 

Now, you’re probably reading this wondering why you should keep scrolling through an accessories story written by probably the worst shopper on staff at Who What Wear. This is a totally fair question. But, dear reader, you forgot to consider one important thing: It’s the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale, and yours truly is, in fact, an excellent shopper when it comes to scoring must-have items at the lowest prices. 

 As a thrifty teenager who wore a uniform or strict dress code from fifth to twelfth grade, my non-school wardrobe was rather limited, and accessories were really the only way to show off my emerging sense of style. With that in mind, I honed my eye for handbags, jewelry, and other statement-making pieces that would last for more than just a season or two. And it is with that keen sensibility that I eagerly dove into the accessories department at the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale to unearth the most expensive-looking (but affordable) handbags under $250, jewelry under $100, and a few miscellaneous must-haves under $50. Even better? I didn’t have to drag my family to the mall during the post-holiday rush—I now shop almost exclusively online, and along with my Who What Wear colleagues, can revel in the hunt without ever leaving the office. 

So, if you’ve come this far, please keep scrolling to see 37 of my favorite accessories at Nordstrom right now, and be sure to scoop them up while they’re on sale through January 5. 

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