Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Vented Hair Brush Makes Blowouts Easy — Review


Typically, what I need in a good brush is a great mix of stiffness and flexibility, so it glides through my curls without too much tugging, but also gives a little tension, particularly at the roots where I need the most smoothing. I also prefer a wider brush head. Although I’m working in detangled sections (usually four), a bigger brush gets me through the process a lot faster since it can hold more hair at a time.

Smoothing My Curl With a New Brush

Naturally, I was hyped to try Tangle Teezers’s new blow-dry brush. After all, the brand was founded on creating brushes to help melt away knots without damaging hair. It has certainly lived up to the claims. Don’t just take my word for it, it even won an Allure Best of Beauty Award four times.

Last year, I started using its styling brush as my main drying tool, although it wasn’t specifically designed for blow-drying, it worked great for my texture. My hair, although dense, is pretty fine, so too much friction with the wrong brush makes it frizzy, even when blow-drying.

There’s really a lot that I like about The Ultimate Vented brush. My goal is always to get my hair as smooth as possible while drying in the shortest amount of time, all so that I don’t have to go too hard with the flatiron after. This helps me do that. The teeth are wide at the base and skinny at the tip so it basically detangles any leftover knots that didn’t come out in the shower.

They also flex, but not too much, so the tension is on point. The teeth also help wick water off of hair and through the vent that runs down the middle, so I don’t hold the drier on any one section of hair for too long — even with a good heat protectant this is important. The handle isn’t too wide or thin, which gives me a just-right grip it, even when doing the back sections of my hair.

How It Worked for My Hair

Considering how well it works on my curly hair and imaging the ease on straighter hair, I’d say it’s absolutely worth trying. Giving yourself a blowout at home can be daunting, but thankfully I have a ton of time on my hands to perfect it. Although, I don’t want to spend all my time trying to get my hair smooth. This one got me to my pre-flatiron stage in about 15 minutes (see below). Not only do I have a newfound respect for all the stylists who can bang out a blowout on my curls in under an hour, but even better is now having a great tool to get me as close to salon results, until I can actually get back to a salon.

Tangle Teezer’s The Ultimate Vented Hair Brush is $16 at ulta.com.

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