Sophie Turner Wore Glitter in Her Hair to the 2019 Met Gala — Photos


The Met Gala is a red (or pink) carpet like no other, one that calls attendees to interpret a theme and push the limits of fashion and imagination. Some celebrities take the challenge head on, while others tend to play it a little safer. But one thing is for certain — it makes for gorgeous photos and hilarious memes. Given Sophie Turner’s affinity for bold looks, I had a feeling she’d show up to the 2019 Met Gala wearing an incredible outfit with the hair and makeup to match, and she didn’t disappoint.

She and her new husband, Joe Jonas, walked the pink carpet in colorful looks that evoked a superhero aesthetic, with Turner wearing a bold blue smoky eye, while in a sequined Louis Vuitton jumpsuit that served as the jumping-off point (pun intended) for her hairstyle. She had her hair done by Wella Professionals celebrity stylist and ghd brand ambassador Christian Wood, who tells Allure that the moment he saw the outfit, he knew glitter had to be incorporated into her hair. “The jumpsuit is covered in sequins and crystals, and we wanted to use the glam to bring that all the way up into the hair and makeup to sort of elevate the whole look.”

With Dark Phoenix coming out this summer, Wood says he had some additional inspiration to play with in the vein of superheroes. “The inspiration also came from one of the [Dark Phoenix] images where her hair is kind of set on fire,” he says, and tells Allure that he was excited by the idea of interpreting the element of fire and incorporating it into her look with diamonds and glitter. It also felt distinctly camp to him, which was appropriate for the night’s theme.

Fire as an inspiration for a Sophie Turner look is not surprising — given her Game of Thrones roots and Marvel Universe character, Dark Phoenix, of course — but right now, she actually doesn’t have the trademark fiery hair she’s known for as Sansa. I ask Wood about this, and he tells me, “The last time we dyed her hair, we actually called the color Diamond Blonde, and that really stuck in my head. I thought it would be a great look, if we did crystals and glitter in the hair, so it’s kind of like the opposite of her fiery red hair, this glittery blonde.” I’m all for the fire and ice symbolism here, as a major GoT fan.

Wood also tells me that they wanted the glam to be fashion-focused and elevated, but also fun, young, and not too wild. They wanted her to look like she was on an editorial, rather than something more costume-y. And as for what Turner thinks? “She loves the look. She turned around to me just before getting on the elevator and said, ‘I think this is my favorite look we’ve ever done.’ She wanted to feel like she was going to the Met Ball, not just a regular red carpet.”

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