Short hairstyles that stunned the world this past decade

It all started with a lob in 2014. “It was my first real haircut in years, so it was a big change,” Lauren Conrad wrote on her blog. As many women before have experienced, her short cut only led to a cut that was even shorter. 

However, her transition to a short hairstyle took a few weeks. When Conrad initially told her hairstylist she wanted a bob, she refused to cut it. Looking back, Conrad understands why. “If you think you want a bob, I definitely recommend trying a lob first and seeing how you like it. It really does make the transition a lot easier and also gives you a chance to change your mind,” she said. 

Not only was her bob a super trendy look for the decade, but, as Conrad is a busy mama, bobs and lobs just made sense for her. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss my long locks on occasion, but my current lob is easy to style in a pinch, especially since I have a little guy to chase after,” Conrad wrote on her blog. Clearly, Lauren Conrad’s stunning transformation has been practical — not just stylish.

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