Rustic Spanish Charm Wedding At Hacienda Sarria

Our Love Story

We met in high school. Ahsan was taking an extra semester and Crystal was in her first semester of grade 12. Crystal would always try to talk to Ahsan, but he was too shy. She asked to be in his group on several occasions, but he always refused. One day she asked to borrow a pencil, and he came to the rescue.

Quickly they started talking daily on MSN, and then BBM, and then the phone. One day Ahsan was at work, and he asked Crystal to prom. Caught off guard she said ‘wait, what?’ Then in a hurry, he said ‘never mind, gotta go bye!’ After a little back and forth, they decided to go to prom together, and the rest is history! …well not really. Crystal did a study abroad and worked in the UK for a few years. Ahsan patiently waited for her. They have been through it all. High school, university, long-distance, first jobs, you name it!

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