Rainy & Romantic Breakfast Wedding (With Waffles!)

The Venue & Vibes

We chose to have our ceremony and reception at a field my grandparents own. I (the bride) grew up having birthday parties, Easter egg hunts and family events there. Luckily, the first time Aaron saw that part of Arkansas he fell in love with it, too. It’s incredibly green and lush and close to the Buffalo National River. Quite beautiful.

The vision wasn’t really too dramatic. We knew we wanted all of our friends and family to be able to be there but for it to have a very natural, laid-back vibe. Aaron built the arbor and the benches. We knew we wanted to play up the green of the pines and the field so we stuck with jewel tone and neutral colors.

It ended up misting that morning, so we lucked into an ethereal look and feel, as well!

Vase and Vine created our beautiful greenery bouquets and the greenery that was on the arbor! Simple and perfect!

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