Playful & Intimate North Shore Oahu Beach Wedding

Our Love Story

He was a young teenage boy from a small beach town in Ecuador. The ocean was his passion as he lived close to it his whole life and traveled to many places searching for the best waves to surf. He was a free soul. She was a wild city girl. She loved to party and have fun with her friends. However, from time to time, she needed to escape from the big city life, and on March 10, 2012, she got away to the beach. It was a summer day when they met.

The first time he saw her; he thought, “If there ever was something called, love at first sight, this must be it.” He couldn’t explain his emotions. He was in shock and couldn’t really say much to her.
Meanwhile, he and the way he looked at her intrigued her. Suddenly he approached her and asked her if she wanted to go for a walk, she said yes, without knowing that she was about to fall in love with him.

It’s been more than five years since that day and we are still together. It wasn’t easy and we had to overcome the many challenges that life threw at us. We even had to be separated for more than a year, but we always knew that we wanted to be together. The love we have for each other gave us our first son, Noah. We were filled with joy and happiness when he came to the world. He is proof of how much we love each other and how strong our relationship has been. For this and many more reasons, we have now decided to make a lifetime vow and a lasting commitment.

-Hector O.

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