Petra Nemcova’s Secret To Getting Her Body Back After Baby

According to Gioffre, Nemcova needed “a reset,” because despite her healthy eating habits, “she was feeling heavy in her gut and had an overall toxic, acidic feeling” — but the supermodel and humanitarian was also concerned about her milk supply, since she was breastfeeding at the time. “I suggested my Alkamind 2-Day Detox and assured her that it’s completely safe to do while breastfeeding,” Gioffre said. “My wife has done this detox several times while breastfeeding our two children. And that’s because you are eating healthy, alkalizing plant-based recipes such as smoothies for breakfast, green soup for lunch, and a salad loaded with minerals and healthy fats for dinner. Kelly Ripa has also done this detox and raves about it!”

Gioffre did add in some healthy fats to support Nemcova’s nursing and also her mood. “I suggest adding in some additional healthy fats to the recipes–or as a snack if hungry– such as avocado, raw nuts and seeds, raw nut butters,” he explained, noting that peanut butter was not on this list. Gioffre also advised Nemcova to enjoy healthy oils such as coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil, and avocado oil “to pump up the Omega-3s and Omega-9s to support nursing and help prevent postpartum depression.”

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