Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Selfridges Live (Updated 12/23)


Updates of a Frustrating Launch

Latest Update

UPDATE 12/23 8:10PM PT: Live at Selfridges! The mobile app allowed me to “add to bag” when I opened up any product listing. The desktop version is not allowing me to do so on the product page, but if you add the items to your wish list, then go to your wish list, click “view details,” you can “move to bag.”

UPDATE 12/23 3:10PM PT: There’s still no update that I’ve been able to find (Selfridges has not given me an update per their last direct message to me).  Pat McGrath’s Instagram account is saying “coming soon” to Selfridges to those asking about restocks/Selfridges’ launch. Selfridges has NOT modified the descriptions (one was always missing from one palette’s verbiage) about the 21st a the launch date, which is obviously really frustrating (if you think you were alone checking every hour, you were not; my body naturally woke me up every hour or so throughout the night to check).

Decadence Mothership Palette is slated for a 12/26 release (at least at the brand’s website… let’s not be hasty in our assumptions, eh?). This morning, the brand commented “10AM eastern” when someone asked about the specific launch time and asked if there was early access. (Sign-up is here.) I will update this post whenever I receive my customer email.

Remember, early access began at 9AM ET for the first drop (and historically, it has been an hour prior to full launch)… The brand has stated, via their Instagram, that early access will be at 8AM ET… but note that last time, early access wasn’t really early access because all of the products were pre-loaded to the brand’s website, they were already publicly visible, so anyone could easily purchase it.  The brand also replied that it is “limited edition” when asked on their post this morning.

Some food for thought:  The chase should be fun, mildly frustrating (or exciting), but if it’s really interfering with your sleep, has taken away the enjoyment, and so on… don’t be afraid to let it go.  These are wants, not needs, and most products are dupable, even if it requires mixing or layering two or more products you already own.

There are the Mini Palettes for $28 that are still available and include shades from the Decadence palette (Subversive contains three, Lapis Luxury, Blue Blood, and Gold Standard; Sublime contains Sinful); Gold Standard, Lapis Luxury, and Divine Mink are all available as singles.  Consider signing up for an account here and creating your vanity (where you input products you already own) and then look for dupes that you already own.

Decadence remains one of my favorite palettes of all-time, but while it is excellent quality, really consider the color story (and the fact that is very shimmery, as it’s biggest “con” is that it may not be cohesive for some) and whether that color story works for you.  Just because it’s good doesn’t mean it’ll be something you’ll reach for often!

Past Updates

UPDATE 12/13You can now shop the collection here.  Use code VIP10 to save 10% off now through 12/15.  The site is not password locked for early access, so anyone can shop now (in time for the 9AM ET launch).

UPDATE 12/13 1:30PM PT: The eyeshadow palettes launched earlier today sold through by 11AM ET. I have not seen the collection launch on Selfridges, and I have sent an email to Pat McGrath’s PR team along with direct messages to Selfridges via Twitter and Instagram earlier today in an effort to get more information. If I get more information, I will be happy to share it. Update at 4:00PM PT: here is Selfridges’ response – “Hi there, thanks for getting in touch. We are unable to confirm the launch date as we like to surprise, amaze and amuse our customers. Keep an eye on @theyellowdrop as this is where we will make the announcement.”

If you are committed to purchasing through Selfridges on two dates, please consider enrolling in Selfridges+, which is available for an annual fee to get unlimited free shipping; there is Selfridges+ for UK/EU for £10.00 per year and for global, which is $55.00 (USD) per year.  I personally have had the global version for two years.  I mention this because shipping is £25.00 or ~$32.66 US per order otherwise, so if you make two orders, you’ll already have paid for the year-long program.

Unfortunately, there were issues with people signed up for the brand’s email newsletter not receiving the early access notification via email, and the brand had put out messaging on Twitter and Instagram that the collection would go live at noon ET.  As a customer, I received an email on 12/12 that said the collection would go live at 9AM ET (which is why I added that to my post!), and I received an email with the 10% off code at 8:45AM ET.

UPDATE 12/14 5:45PM PT: The brand sent out a customer email a few hours ago, and the email stated “Mother’s MAJOR new Galactic Gold and Dark Galaxy palettes from the limited edition Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker Collection went at lightspeed and are now SOLD OUT.” They followed with “Good news: legendary Lip Fetish balms are still available” and provided a link to “sign up” to get details on the Decadence launch.

As the brand has done for most of its launches, signing up for email notification is your best bet for the best communication about launch times. I always try to update my posts with information as I receive it (which usually comes from the customer emails!).

When pilfering through replies by the brand via Instagram, I have not been able to confirm if they have any additional stock or not. Your glimmer of hope is that replies to some customers, the brand is saying “sold out for now my sweet!” These comments do not appear visible (that I can find), and there was a response to someone asking about a restock today that said “Unfortunately it was limited edition.”

UPDATE 12/19 7:31PM PT: I was able to find the products listed on Selfridges’ website, and when they showed up as a search result, they were listed as “coming soon,” and per the description on Selfridges’ listings, the collection will launch “Saturday 21st December, 2019.”

Here are the links for Selfridges: Dark Galaxy, Galactic Gold, Clear Lip Fetish, Gold Astral Lip Fetish, Nude Astral Lip Fetish.  (Here are links to search results for the Pat McGrath x Star Wars MTHRSHP palettes and the Pat McGrath Star Wars Lip Fetish Balms; everything.)

UPDATE 12/21 2:15PM PT: I’ve yet to see the collection launch at Selfridges, despite their own website listing the 21st as the launch date. I have not seen them update the verbiage either, and the products continue to show “coming soon.”  I direct messaged the retailer via Twitter earlier today (around 8AM PT), and they said they contacted their “team dealing with this release for more information” and that they would let me know when they received “an update from them.” Here’s hoping that 2020 is better coordinated.


Release Date + About the Launch

Pat McGrath collaborations with Star Wars’ The Rise of Skywalker this December, just in time for the holidays. It’s an exclusive with Selfridges, but the collection will also be available on Become encapsulated in the Limited Edition Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Collection, inspired by the iconic Star Wars universe. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, only in cinemas Thursday, 19 December #TheRiseofSkywalker ⚡⚡⚡ Soar into the daring, cosmically courageous shades and the astral, out-of-this-world applications of Mother’s latest creations.

The collection will be released in two parts.  On December 13th, the two MTHRSHP palettes and lip balms will be released at Selfridges and Pat McGrath’s website. Then on December 26th, Decadence Mothership Palette will be released on both sites.

12/13 at Pat McGrath (first drop), TBA at Selfridges, 12/26 for Decadence (at PMG)

Products in the Launch

Decadence Mothership Palette, $125.00 (Limited Edition)

The limited edition Decadence Mothership IV Palette returns in new, limited edition gold-hued packaging.

Gold Standard Glistening yellow rich goldSterling Luminous polished silverHedonistic Fiery crimsonLapis Luxury Frosted multidimensional turquoiseBlue Blood Deep frosted vermillionInferno Radiant metallic copperSinful Platinum goldDivine Mink Frosted grey-brown sheenEnigma Glittering grey-beigeUnderworld Deep metallic matte cerulean

Galactic Gold MTHRSHP x Star Wars Palette, $65.00 (Limited Edition)

Celestial Moon Platinum with golden chartreuse flashCorruption Fiery bronze duo chrome (repromote)Bronze Brilliant metallic bronze (repromote)Electron Rose bronze with a glittering blush flashViolet Void Deepened violet with pink flashGold Standard Luminous 24KT gold (repromote)

Dark Galaxy MTHRSHP x Star Wars Palette, $65.00 (Limited Edition)

Cosmik Diamond sparkle pinkVenomous Void Mid-tone magenta matteSaturnalia Chromatic crimson with pink flashSmoked Amethyst Blackened aubergine with pink sparkle (repromote)Odyssey Lilac taupe with pink sparkleBronze Nebula Metallic golden bronze

Lip Fetish Lip Balm, $40.00 (Special Packaging)

All four shades are current shades, just in new packaging (both exterior and actual tube).

Clear Blue/white packagingFlesh 3 Gold packagingNude Astral Red/black packagingGold Astral Gold packaging

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