Our Flower Child, Rockstar Bridal Writer Gets Married At A Pacific Northwest Beach

The Photography

The plan was to go for a multi-colored affair at the ocean. I wanted a photography style that would let the day feel organic, but amplify the funkier elements and our playful attitude toward getting married. After years spent admiring Claire Eliza’s photography, spending shoots together, and also admiring the wonderful, generous, effortless person she is, I had the pleasure of asking her to be our photographer.

As someone who didn’t want to spend my entire day posing for pictures, Claire immediately understood. I wanted to be in all the moments of the day, and let Claire work her effortless magic around it all. She even planned a fantastic getaway with her husband Jack to drive us to the beach immediately following the ceremony.

We got to have a moment of quiet, let the wind whip all around us, and catch the final fleeting moments of the sunset. I’m still struggling to choose my favorite photos, but it has to be from the collection of pictures by the ocean. I swear, I can still hear the beach grass rustling.

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