One Photo Made Me Realize This Combo Was Unflattering


I’ve always loved chunky sweaters. They’re wonderfully cozy, come in a stylish smattering of colors, and are the perfect remedy to the winter wardrobe blues. Up until recently, I paired these knits with everything in my closet with reckless abandon. Atop skirts, tucked into jeans, over dresses, you name it.

That is, until I saw a photo of myself a few weeks ago that made me reconsider my approach to styling said chunky sweater. I styled a large purple wool sweater on top of a voluminous, tiered Ulla Johnson dress. I had always envisioned this combination to be reminiscent of Chloé girls trouncing up and down the Seine in Paris with bohemian waves in their hair and the sun on their freckled cheeks.

My combination, however, did not render such outcomes, as you can see below.

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