Off-White Drops $300 Cap For Those Who Don’t Know What A Cap Looks Like


Branding has reached a crescendo of absurdity with luxury streetwear brand Off-white’s latest cap design, which features one word, “CAP”, on its front panel. Off-white is known for its creative, one word captions, however its latest is supremely unimaginative—either that or it is subversively mocking the entire fashion industry. Whatever the case, fans on Instagram have taken affront at the lazy design, saying that they don’t mind dropping $300 on a well thought out garment, but that they draw the line at pre-school level labels made from cotton, and not even stitched on.

The general sentiment of Off-white’s audience can be summed up in one brutal comment.

“Wack… Make something I can’t go to the store and make.”

Other opinions ranged from:

“Off-white = “The Most Overrated” clothing line “Ever” ™️”


“£165 for a cap? Seriously end this b*llshit now. This is serious 1st world problems. There’s families surviving on £165 a year and you are selling this made in china crap for £165. I’m just here for the entertainment. Pay you fools, pay!”

Then there were the stock standard jabs:

“I feel like a printing joint could do this for $5”
“Missing an ‘R’ in there somewhere.”
“What’s the statement? I’m a moron?”
“Overpriced Meme.”
“Hard pass.”

Others, on the other hand, defended Offwhite’s right to non-creativity:

“Ah the irony. Kids these days been buying anything with the word Supreme on it for silly money, but when this guy does it you all comment saying how silly it is.”

And others tagged their mates, saying this was the moment they realised the true absurdity of the fashion industry:

“The penny finally drops…”

Whatever the case, it seems there’s still a market for people who see beauty in the strange. If you’re one of them: we salute your bravery. If you happen to have stolen someone’s credit card and are in the market for a new hat, try one for size here.

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