Normal People: Someone Made an Instagram Account Purely to Thirst Over Connell’s Chain


Listen, Hulu’s Normal People is a sexy show. There’s no attempt in hiding that fact. The series embraces its eroticism with consent-driven interactions and portrayals of real intimacy. But like the words that go unsaid between Marianne and Connell (played by Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal) there is some real, ahem, power in the not-so-obvious steamy additions. Take Connell’s silver chain, for example. Who knew a simple accessory would compel viewers to “emotionally attach” themselves to a piece of metal and create a fan Instagram account?

In Sally Rooney’s novel, upon which the series is based, Marianne encounters Connell wearing an “unadorned silver neckchain he’s had since school.” Paul decided to adopt this accessory for himself (likely with the help of costume designer Lorna Marie Mugan) to stay true to his character. Much like Connell, the chain is subdued, the opposite of ostentacious, but once it catches your attention — good luck.

Clearly it had an impact on fans, since someone made a “Connell’s chain” fan account on Instagram mere days after the show premiered. Based upon it’s near 10,000 followers, I would say this small accessory is making quite a statement. Keep reading to catch a glimpse of Connell’s chain in action ahead.

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