Myths about split ends you should stop believing

Do you think you’re agonizing over split ends more than your friends because you’re stuck with straight hair and theirs is wavy or curly? Think again. Your split ends just might be more noticeable because your hair is straight. They are almost definitely more noticeable if your hair is straight and dark (via Bustle). If you’ve got, light curly hair, on the other hand, your split ends might go relatively unnoticed. 

That doesn’t mean they’re not present. Curls, as Rez told Hello Giggles, are naturally dryer — and thus more prone to splitting — than straight locks. This, of course, makes sense. If the health of your hair depends on natural oils migrating down to moisturize individual strands, straight hairs are the equivalent of mini-toboggan runs. Curly hair, on the other hand, makes the oil hike up and down mini-mountains before reaching (or not reaching) its destination.   

 It’s worth, of course, differentiating between curly and frizzy hair. Curly hair is not necessarily frizzy hair, and frizzy hair and split ends are not the same things. Frizzy hair is all about texture. While you can tame curly hair with split ends by cutting them, you’ll have frizzy hair whether or not your ends or split or not (via Vici Salon & Spa). To de-frizz, you’ll need to invest in a different set of products. 

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