Modern South Beach Miami Rooftop Wedding

Our Love Story

We met in Sydney, Australia while we were both doing a semester abroad through our respective universities. Shay is from South Florida and I am from Toronto. We actually met at a bar but were both studying at the same university in Sydney. We spent six months living in Sydney and traveling to surrounding areas & countries. We then did long-distance for a couple of years before Shay moved to Toronto!

For Shay’s 28th birthday we planned a trip to Pelee, a wine region in southwestern Ontario. It was going to be a weekend full of our favourite things – road-tripping with our dog, visiting countless wineries, and eating the local grub. At the end of our day, we grabbed a bottle of wine and drove to Point Pelee National Park, the southernmost tip of Canada. You can see Michigan and Ohio just across the lake.

We were walking down the beach and Shay presented Kat with tickets to fly to Sydney for the holidays – back to where it all began. While I was focused solely on going back to Sydney, Shay got down on one knee! We spent the rest of the weekend enjoying the beach and wineries in Pelee!

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