Katie Holmes’ Coat Costs Two Months’ Rent But These 12 are Perfectly Affordable


Katie Holmes’ entire wardrobe is comprised of the buzziest It pieces in fashion right now, so it’s only natural that the winter coat she’s been wearing nonstop is also one of the most coveted (and luxurious) out there. Her Max Mara Teddy Icon Camel Hair and Silk-Blend Coat is a long camel-colored take on one of the biggest coat trends this winter, shearling or teddy-effect.

The beautiful topper is an excellent investment for a number of reasons—it’s easy to wear with any number of outfits that Holmes’ many winter outfits have proven. She’s styled her coat with everything from jeans and ankle boots to checkered trousers and sneakers and even looked good wearing it over sweats for a morning coffee run. Considering its versatility, warmth, on-trend status, anyone would lust after it and yet it’s high-end price tag would stop most of us dead in our tracks. Clocking in at a cool $4k, Holmes’ coat is the definition of a long-term investment piece, but luckily for us (and our wallets), the cozy teddy look is one that happens to look expensive regardless of the brand name or price tag.

With that, we scoured the internet and found 12 more affordable teddy coats. Keep scrolling to shop my picks and see Katie Holmes in her Max Mara one.

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