I’ve Worn the Same Perfume for 10 Years, But These 5 Fragrances Changed Me


In my mind, Chanel Chance perfumes can do no wrong. No matter what mood I’m in or what the occasion is, this scent always fits the bill. This scent has become a part of my identity. When my friends hug me after not having seen me for a while, they always  say, “Ah, you smell like you.” The smell they speak of is Chanel Chance. I wear both the eau de parfum and the eau tendre; both smell very different, but they also both sit equally as well on my skin, and the scent only gets better over time. 

The eau de parfum is a bit more robust and musky, with warm hints of amber, vanilla, and spiciness from pink pepper that hits immediately upon the first spritz. The eau tendre, on the other hand, is more floral and fresh. I tend to wear this one more in the spring and summer, but not exclusively. These two fragrances are always what I compare any new perfume to, and up until recently, I hadn’t found any that I loved as much. 

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