Important things to know before you get veneers

The best thing about veneers is that almost anyone can get them. “Someone with dark stained teeth, yellow teeth, crooked teeth, short teeth, a narrow arch or an aging smile are just some of the things that can be changed,” Lowenberg told InStyle. However, if you’ve been know to grind your teeth (just one of the things we do to ruin our smiles), you should consult your dentist first as doing so can damage the veneers. “There also must be an adequate surface area of your former teeth to attach the veneer,” he continued. “If the underlying surface is extremely decayed or very weak, other alternatives may be suggested.” Patients with gum disease are also not likely to be good candidates for veneers. 

The last thing Dr. Lowenberg wants you to know before committing to veneers is to be very careful about the color you choose. While the obvious option is to go for bright white, you want them to look natural, not fake. “Many factors determine how white the patient can go with the porcelain: the whites of the eyes, the skin tone, and the desired outcome the patient wants,” he said. Once they are on your teeth, they can’t be changed, so be sure to talk it through thoroughly with your dentist to achieve the color that suits you best.

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