I’m a 54-Year-Old Fashion Influencer—This Is the Capsule Wardrobe I Swear By


There’s a reason we often turn to women over 50 for grade-A style inspiration. Yes, age is literally just a number (and you should wear whatever you love regardless of the year you were born), but it’s this set that tends to just get it. After all, many fashion people in the age bracket have spent the time over the years truly developing a well-rounded wardrobe through style trial and error. So naturally, when it comes to building the ideal capsule wardrobe, we thought turning to a chic 50-something woman would be of interest.

Enter 54-year-old fashion influencer and model Renata Jazdzyk, the mastermind behind the engaging instagram account @venswifestyle. We tapped the style setter to provide a list of the 23 pieces she “couldn’t live without,” as they can easily be mixed and matched to create a range of solid outfits to work for a range of her occasions—from fashion meetings to dinner with friends.

Without further ado, check out Jazdzyk’s ultimate capsule wardrobe, complete with nine outfit ideas (although more could be created) and shopping inspiration.

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