I Wear White T-Shirts Constantly—These are My Favorite Outfit Ideas


I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that my white T-shirts are the most worn items in my entire closet. They’re the building blocks of my wardrobe, and I reach for them any time I’m zapped of inspiration. I mean, name a basic that’s more useful, versatile, and timeless than a classic white cotton T-shirt. (I’ll wait.)

The weird part is that I wear mine constantly yet I struggle to think up new styling tricks, which means that more often than not, I end up repeating the same combination of jeans and a tee over and over again. I have nothing against that combo, but more often than not, I feel lazy if I can’t come up with anything new. To combat this outfit fatigue, I keep a folder of all my favorite ideas and reference it when I’m feeling particularly uninspired.

Lately, this folder has been seeing a lot of fresh white T-shirt outfits I plan on copying ASAP (okay, I’ve copied some of them already), and I felt like the ideas I’ve amassed are too good not to share. Everyone loves a good white tee; that’s a fact. I’m just here to help you put yours to good use. Scroll down to see my favorite white T-shirt–outfits on celebs, fashion girls, and street style stars; then shop pieces to re-create each look.

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