I Stare at a Screen for 12 Hours a Day, so I Finally Tried Blue Light Glasses


How did you prepare? I purchased a pair of blue light glasses, which are really popular right now and easy to find. Experts recommend looking for a certificate on your glassed that specifies the wavelength range that’s filtered—blue light filtering should cover up to 455 nanometers. 

Additionally, I started turning my phone to the Night Shift mode every night, which you can find under settings on your phone. (You can toggle on the scheduled option and selecting the hours that best suit you. I did 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. You can also choose sunset to sunrise to have iOS pick hours automatically based on your location.)

I also put my phone away an hour before bed as much as possible. I love to journal, and my evening skin routine is quite long, so I would put my alarm on, take off my makeup, apply my evening skin routine, journal, and sleep! Voilà—that’s easily an hour. I’m not going to lie though. It is very hard to not check my phone, especially my email and Instagram, before I go to sleep. I found it is less tempting if my phone is on silent facing down so I do not get any notifications.

What happened during the whole process? I wore my glasses as much as possible. It took some getting used to. I realized I would forget my glasses at work sometimes, so I now have a pair of Barton Perreira glasses I invested in at work and a pair of Maui Jim glasses at home. I also changed the setting on my phone and put it away an hour before sleep.

Some benefits I noticed included first and foremost getting fewer headaches. I really think this was because of the glasses. Work has been super busy, so the fact that I have not had headaches is likely because of my efforts to block blue light. Also, I really noticed that putting my phone away an hour before bed helped me sleep so much better. I actually fall asleep faster and have felt very refreshed. I miss my late-night Netflix sessions, but I feel so much more rested. Overall, my eyes feel and look less tired. I truly feel like I am taking steps towards better eye care, which will have long-term benefits.

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