I Shop for Basics Regularly—Here’s Everything I’m Buying Now


As I’ve highlighted before, my daily uniform is primarily made up of basics. If I’m not in joggers and a sweatshirt (I work from home a lot), I tend to wear jeans, a black sweater, a moto jacket, and boots. So when I’m shopping on the regular, I tend to primarily search for simple, not-so-flashy quality items that can work within my elevated yet pared-down wardrobe. (That said, when I do venture outside the basics zone a bit, it’s usually for those statement-making bags and shoes that have a good cost per wear.)

Anyway, while I think I have a pretty solid foundation of my go-to basics (those stated above), I’m currently scoping the market for fresh staples that are a bit different for me in order to breathe new life into my wardrobe. To give you a glimpse into what I mean, I’m showcasing the five updated basic trends I’m interested in trying right now. I also shopped out inspired silhouettes for each in case you too want to add these must-have basics into your arsenal.

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