How to Start Building a Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe On Line

The trend of creating capsule wardrobes has been around for a few years now, but with the recent ‘Marie Kondo’ and ‘Home Edit’ television shows you might have considered decluttering your wardrobe. This is a great opportunity to reconsider your fashion shopping habits and invest in some more practical and long-lasting capsule items.

A capsule wardrobe focuses on creating a wardrobe that contains lots of classic items of clothing that you can wear from year to year. It’s all about mixing and matching a handful of different pieces to create multiple outfits.

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Advantages of Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

  • Better cost per item wear = extending your budget
  • Focus on buying good quality items
  • A minimalist wardrobe is easier to maintain and keep clean
  • Leads to a less cluttered wardrobe and bedroom
  • Leads to more mindful shopping and sustainable fashion
  • Saves time getting ready in the morning
  • An ideal solution for people who live in units and travel often

Summer Capsule Wardrobes

Lydia Tomlinson walks us through her ideas for creating a summer capsule wardrobe:

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Autumn (Fall) Capsule Wardrobes

Hear Erika from Retro Flame talk about her autumn wardrobe staples:

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Winter Capsule Wardrobes

Hannah from Cocobeautea talks through her winter capsule wardrobe:

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Spring Capsule Wardrobes

Lydia Tomlinson talks about creating her spring capsule wardrobe:

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Buying Second Hand Items Online

You can have a lot of fun chasing up second hand and vintage items online. When you buy investment items it’s a great way of saving money. I love the way Emma Hill has found a linen men’s blazer to add to her wardrobe. She’s a fan of buying luxury goods on Vestiaire Collective. The second video contains lots of buying tips on eBay – think second hand and vintage clothing.

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Here is a great video by Alarna Hope who showcases some of the great Australian Made fashion brands:

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If you are ready to buy or want to shortlist some items for your capsule wardrobe, you might like to start with some of my favourite online shops:

There are lots of fashion stylists who can provide you with printables and Pinterest is always a good option for looking for fashion inspiration.

Pinterest has a dedicated style and beauty across the ages board. Remember: True beauty is ageless.

If you are posting your outfits on social media you might like to use these hashtags: #BuyLessWearMore #CapsuleWardrobe #SecondHandButGrand
#capsulewardrobe #sustainablestyle #slowfashion
#australianmadefashion #australianfashionbrands

Please leave a comment and let us know what are your three essential capsule wardrobe items:

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