How To Handle Children At Your Wedding


If you’re planning to have a family-friendly wedding, there are a few things you are going to need to plan in advance to ensure a stress-free day. For a seamless celebration, here’s how to handle children at your wedding.

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Set the expectations…

Let parents know early on what the expectations are in terms of care for their kiddies. Its good to give people some notice as to whether they will need to care for their children or if there will be a babysitter or similar provided. It is also important to let parents navigate the day’s itinerary ahead of time so they can plan breastfeeding, naps etc.

Plan accordingly…

If you are planning to have kids at the wedding, plan accordingly. For example: Ensure there is a variety of non-alcoholic beverages readily available, so there won’t be any snack or drink related tantrums. Another element to plan in advance are fun wedding favours like heart shaped chocolates, timing of the ceremony, reception etc to not clash with children’s bedtimes etc.

Food for thought…

If you are choosing to have children at the reception, have kid friendly meals readily available. Children are guaranteed to be more happy with nuggets and french fries as opposed to filet mignon with green beans.

Hot tip: choose meal options that aren’t too messy, to avoid grubby fingers around a pristine white wedding dress.


A child’s entertainer is a great way to keep kids occupied throughout the day. Colouring books and crayons, plus other child friendly activities are essential if you are wanting to keep children occupied during speeches and other important moments throughout your special day.

Kids Club…

For couple’s with larger budgets, a kid’s club is an even better option! Consider hiring a childcare provider who can keep children occupied the entire night with a variety of different games and activities, whilst the adults enjoy their own fun.

Keep A Sense Of Humour About It All…

At the end of the day, don’t stress! When inviting children, there are expected to be a few tears and unexpected moments, so be prepared and take it all in your stride. But there are also going to be a lot of laughs and adorable little people in suits and ties, so enjoy yourself and the joy they will bring to your big day.

Here are some super adorable ways to include children in your wedding day!

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