How to Choose Your Maid of Honor Wisely


For some people, selecting your maid of honor is a no-brainer, but for some of us, it can feel like walking through a field of landmines! On one hand, you don’t want to pressure anyone into a role that they don’t want or can’t handle, on the other hand, you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by not asking them. 

First, consider your closest relationships–these can be siblings, childhood best friends, or current friends. Write out the names. Who is your confidant? Who knows how to cheer you up when you’re down or what treats to bring you when you’re not feeling well? Who is the person who can read your thoughts from across the room without either of you even uttering a word? If you can answer these questions, that’s your MOH! 

The problem is, by the time you get married, most of us have moved several times and have a few different friends who are MOH material. There’s your elementary school best friend, your high school best friend, your college best friend, your first job best friend, and of course, your right now best friend…and each one is just as important to you as the last. We know it can be overwhelming, but, trust us, it’s a good problem to have! 

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