High School Sweethearts’ Dream Hawaiian Wedding

Our Love Story

We met over 10 years ago when we were on summer break from high school. We didn’t know each other because we went to different schools but met randomly when hanging out with mutual friends. After we met, Ryan made a point to continue to hang out with those same mutual friends every day in the hopes of getting to know me better. Ryan finally asked me out on our first date but the funny part was, he was only 16 and didn’t have a driver’s license yet so since I’m a year older, I had to pick him up! A few weeks later he asked me to be his girlfriend and we have been together ever since!

We have such an abundance of amazing memories together. Although I like to think we are still just like those “young and in love” teenagers, we have both grown up so much over the years. We have gotten to experience being high school sweethearts and going to prom together, working our first minimum wage job together, graduating college together and watching each other start real adult jobs. We would both not be where we are today without each other’s help.

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