Hawaiian Beach Wedding With Our Dream Boho Wedding Dress

Our Love Story

Jesse went to high school and played water polo with my brother-in-law, Grady. Jesse was a Marine Biologist and spent a lot of time traveling while I was also doing quite a bit of traveling on my own, so fate has it we just never met.

When Grady had Jesse over for dinner five years ago, my sister met and just adored him. He hadn’t even left her house before she began sending me messages that I needed to meet him. I was looking forward to some self-discovery single time and he was in a relationship so it was a “no go”. However, after his relationship ended began another barrage of messages from my sister to meet him. She tried for ten months to get us to meet but I avoided him at all costs, I didn’t go to parties I heard he would be attending or left ones I heard he would be arriving to.

I was invited to a wedding in Santa Barbara and at the welcome party, a tall handsome gentleman walked over to say hello to my sister who I was standing with. And well, you can say the rest is history.

We hung out that night talking into the late hours, and again the next day at the wedding. We exchanged numbers and on the drive back on Sunday, he made plans to see me again on Monday. We met for drinks and even with the excitement of the wedding now dissipated, the spark was still as strong as ever. I called my sister on the way home and said, “You heard it here first, I am going to marry this man.”

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