Handmade Italian Accessories Are The Most Important Investment For Your Wardrobe


Mr. Salvatore Ferragamo found his own passion early on by becoming an apprentice shoemaker in Naples before branching out on his own.  

When he arrived in California, Ferragamo started to create for Hollywood movies. His handmade cowboy boots and Roman and Egyptian sandals quickly made a name for themselves as some of the most beautiful and comfortable creations to ever grace an entertainer’s feet.

Soon enough Ferragamo would be known as the “shoemaker to the stars” with celebrities such as Cary Grant and Marilyn Monroe asking him for custom shoes for off-camera duties. This growing reputation further motivated Ferragamo to create shoes that offered the perfect fit, a standard of quality that was only achievable by the expert Italian craftsmen of Florence at the time.

Almost a century on the Ferragamo name still stands for what it had set out to achieve – showcasing the finest Italian craftsmanship with a hint of Hollywood prestige to the world.

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